Smart Corporate Campus

Project Details

5 Million Square Feet

HVAC Subject Matter Expert Role

Comprehensive Energy Management Tools

Alarms, Alert and Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Energy Analytics

One of the largest companies in the world built a new corporate campus and needed to implement an effective building intelligence system to leverage data to provide reliable comfort and maximize efficiency.

Corporate campuses are built to serve the needs of the occupants while they pursue their core business objectives, but they also as a symbol of the corporation’s commitment to their employees and the environment. DB Engineering, working as the HVAC “Subject Matter Expert” (SME), worked with a team of IT and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) professionals to integrate a conventional Siemens Metasys system into a Campus Instrumentation and Control System (CICS). When completed, CICS will be one of the most advanced building management systems in the world, providing reliable comfort and comprehensive energy management/optimization tools.

The project involves more than 20 buildings totaling nearly 5,000,000 square feet, spread over a 385 acre site. The campus includes typical corporate office space, labs, fitness and data center in addition to a Central Utility Plant (CUP). The CUP is equipped with 17,500 Tons of chiller capacity to provide chilled water and generators to provide emergency power for the entire site.

DB Engineering’s work included HVAC asset points review and equipment classification, Alarm and Alert development and testing, Fault and Analytics development and testing. These tools and the Graphical User Interface implemented by the integrator were designed to give the operators what they needed to provide reliable comfort and optimize efficiency.


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